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Monday, October 28, 2013

Hallow's Eve 2013: Guest Blogger Ms. Marvel

Translated from English

Half Start Line!
This blog is brought to you by my super amazing wife, who has revealed her secret identity of Ms. Marvel. This was her first long distance trail race! Here goes:
Ms. Marvel . . . with a flapping cape indoors!!
Simone: I'm not a blogger, you just have to ask me the blogging questions! Wait, I'm looking up the map.

Ed: Were you nervous?
Simone: So, I wasn't really nervous going into the race. I was more nervous of the hill leading to the graveyard than anything else. Because last time I ran that I couldn't get all the way up [laughing].

Ed: What about your training?
Simone: My training had lots of road training, but I would have liked to have been more on the trails. The hill repeats on Burnaby Mountain trails gave me a sense of how hard I should be going.
Building up my mileage during the week despite being on the road made me feel more confident in how to run without needing to stop.  The final training session of the 14k on the Sunday previous was helpful because I could finally get a sense of what the course was, where to push, and break it down so I didn't push too hard too soon.

Ed: So you're lined at the start, what are you thinking?
Simone: I was trying to control my feelings. To not be nervous and not get excited. Maintain my cool.

Shanthi, Simone and Elaine
Ed: The countdown starts, and the race begins, how was the first section?
Simone: Easier than I thought. I was nervous about that hill for nothing. It was over quicker than I thought and from what I remember last time I ran it (beginning of 2013).

Ed: What was your fueling strategy?
Simone: Maximum of three shot blocks on the race supplemented with water. Sips of Vitargo S2 Orange flavor whenever I needed it. And some sweet potato to get the sweetness out of my mouth.

Connecting to Lynn Headwaters after the Mt. Fromme loop
Ed: Did it work?
Simone: I think so because it took me all the way through until the end . . . at least until the last 2k.

Ed: What happened at the last 2k?
Simone: The last climb which is all stairs now, was slow going. I struggled up the last climb. And when I got closer to the top where Shanthi (aka Wonder Woman) was waiting, a coffee man (a volunteer in a giant coffee cup with his head poking out) was cheering us on!

Ed: Let's go back to the first sections, was Shanthi with you the whole race?
Simone: Yup. She snuck in and registered that morning. We were going easy up until the suspension bridge and 30 foot pool. I felt good because I saw you and the boys there and it was light and fun.
Paris with warning signs!

Ed: At what point did things start to get hard?
Simone: Actually hard was after Lynn Headwaters up to Upper Lynn Loop, but at Old Mountain Highway was when I realized it was just tiring. My foot was hurting at about the 6 or 7k mark.

Ed: What's wrong with your foot?
Simone: I don't know. My toes go numb and burns, and the ball of the foot gets sensitive and hurts. So if I step on a rock, I can feel it come through my shoe.

Ed: Did that effect your climb or downhill?
Simone: Downhill, and straights. Climbs were fine. My right knee had a twinge too, but I accepted it, acknowledged it and then it was gone.

Ed: What was your most fun section?
Simone: Griffin Trail! So fun. It was nice to have only the girls and none of the guys from our running group in this race. It was a neat feeling. #NooffensetoBenAffleck

Carolyn and Maggie of WRM marshaling the course

Ed: Were there any points where you felt like you were in the flow?
Simone: The first section to 30 foot pool because I was so relaxed. Griffin trail also. I was following Shanthi and her steps were short and quick, and I remember the technique of knees up, and kicking the butt, and it was loose and relaxed.

Ed: Did you stop at any stations?
Simone: No, just waved and said thank you. I didn't need to stop, I had everything on me that I needed.

Ed: What about your gear? What was your kit like?
Simone: Nathan running vest, Salomon XT-5 trail shoes, Lulu tights and Underarmor shirt and Sugoi arm sleeves. I didn't get too hot or too cold.

Ed: What inspired the costume?
Simone: Lucien. He said Ms. Marvel, so I googled it, and then I had to decide which Ms. Marvel I needed to be. It was perfect, because she was who I needed to be that day: Super Human Strength, Speed, Stamina and Durability!

Ed: Anything you wish you had done differently?
Simone: Trained more in the trails, uphills especially. It has definitely improved, but more would have been better.

Ed: Anything you think you did super bang on?
Simone: My downhills were efficient, especially on technical, and it was fast. Smooth downhill was super fun, despite not having much legs in the end.

Ed: What about the end of the race?
Simone: After the coffee guy, with only 2k left to go, Shanti said, "Shall we?" and then we would start running. I think I was almost done by then. We saw a dad with his son on his shoulders, and they were cheering us on and the boy was chasing us saying he was going to get us. We saw the road and we were so happy. We saw the Ghostbuster photographers, and we were so close. The graveyard went by and then I just wanted to stop and walk because my foot was burning so much. We continued running and when I saw the finish I just wanted to walk. I was so tired. I crossed the finish line running. I couldn't see anybody. I was so foggy in the head. Then I wanted to throw up. lol.

Ed: So, what's next?
Simone: We Run Mas Anniversary Run in November, and then next year more trail training, a few 5Peaks Runs, all in preparation for the Squamish 50 23k in August of 2014!

Ed: Sounds like you're hooked. Would you do this race again?
Simone: Yes, but I wouldn't mind doing this race with you [wink].

The final numbers: Came in at 3:25:41


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