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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nutrition: The Power of Puking

Nutrition: As you guys know, I'm having puking issues. Yes, I'm a puker . . . at least it's seeming like this is the way it's going.
Generally, just before it happens, my pace drops off, my nausea steps in, and then within fifteen minutes it's heaving trail side. I was okay with the idea in the 30+k range, but it seems to be happening sooner, so I'm looking to experiment on how to get past it and am following both Dr Phil Maffetone and Dr Tim Noakes methods of science versus dogma.

Here's what I know to date:
1. I like water only as my primary fluid.

2. I am not taking anymore salt pills, but am taking e-caps for salt flavor when I feel like it (which apparently triggers the brain versus physiological effects with muscles)
3. I have had success with Vitargo S2 as a carb fluid, and will return to using it. I have not used it for a while, largely due to the fact that I wanted to keep an extra hand free, but I think if I use a different bottle that fits into my Salomon vest, that will work.
4. Gels make me hurl. I have some Hammer gels that I will share on the trails for goodwill. I'm keeping the Espresso ones.
5. I like Clif Shot Bloks, until I get nauseous. I think a mix of those and Honey Stingers will be good.
6. At actual "lunch time" I think I need some solid food. I also like food with crunch, so some potato chips or corn chips, and either nuggets or a cheeseburger is a must have.
7. TUMS: I always forget to pack TUMS. Don't forget to pack TUMS . . .

Here's what I DON'T know:
1. Why I am puking - problem.
2. What calorie/sugar intake is going to work into the 4 hour + range for runs. That seems to be the "trigger" point, regardless of distance.
3. How to keep ingesting once puking happens, since inevitably a bonk will follow.
4. Relieving stomach "cramping" just before or just after puking. Feels like stitch but has more to do with the gastro issue than muscular failure. I have good core strength and stability.

Things that aren't an issue:
1. Headaches - I don't get them anymore. Thank Jay Z!
2. Leg pain - I can deal with it. Strength will develop with time.
3. Hydration - I'm not too concerned since I will drink to thirst, versus a prescribed schedule.

Add or comment to the discussion, and share what you've learned or learn from what is shared.


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