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Monday, May 27, 2013

The Starting Line

Hi Everybody,

This blog is a record of my journey into the world of Ultra Running (and running in general), hence its title Ultra Inspired. I started running late in my life, having started last year in March of 2012 at the age of 37 in order get ready for Tough Mudder Whistler. Before that point, I couldn't stand running (loathe wouldn't be out of place here) and focused mainly on being athletic through Kickboxing and MMA.

However, something clicked and I really loved it. The whole minimalist movement changed the way I ran and suddenly I could go further and faster than I could before. More on the minimalism thing in later posts.

So, I'll be sharing some tidbits of my journey so far, what made me go from a non-runner to deciding to set my goals on trail running and Ultra distances, as well as the bumps along the way. I certainly hope you find some of what you read insightful and entertaining.

I will also be posting about training successes and failures, race reports, trail reports, nutrition highs and lows and other related topics throughout. One of the great things about trail running is the culture that goes along with it, including the elites who are willing to give you some tips, and the general camaraderie in the woods, including the evolution of our running group "We Run Mas".

It is very much a human-binding experience in my mind, the connection that we feel and develop with others "out there."

Welcome to Ultra Inspired (or U and I for short). Let's go run together.

Ed Kumar

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